Who Will You Be Working With?


    a bootstrapped young social enterprise
    dedicated to creating artisan jobs + ending poverty
    through the sale of "ridiculously comfy" hammocks


    a "best for the world" b corporation


    a conscious brand advocating for an awesome lifestyle




    our motto is "do good. relax."


    our bootstrapped team has grown by leaps and bounds
    by valuing creativity, hustle, teamwork and RESULTS.


    we're seeking a few young trailblazers
    to join our team and have a deep + lasting impact

    on this rising venture


    we are dedicated to empowering weavers to rise from extreme poverty + debt slavery,

    building a brighter future for their families + community.


    we are working to transform the face of socially conscious shopping + artisan goods

    to reflect style + craftsmanship, not charity + trinkets.






    We are committed to awesomeness in everything that we do - and that includes supporting your development, portfolio and career path.


    We work with apprentices who want to build their business skills and have a major impact on a young social enterprise.


    We only bring in people who we believe have the smarts, talent and hustle to drive our company + mission forward. That means that you will be able to point to YOUR results and highlight YOUR achievements at the end of this program. You will be directly impacting the lives of our weavers and the growth of this social enterprise.


    Our apprentices have gone on to work at cool companies like Google, B Lab, IndieGogo and Investors’ Circle. And we are excited to open up our network to help make introductions, secure invites to awesome events and mentor you along the way.


    We'll also train you to use key business tools that will help you manage projects, customer relationships, communications, design + general life-hacks. Prepare to become a jack of all trades!


    This bootstrapped social enterprise has grown by leaps and bounds because of our creative, scrappy mentality. We love creative ideas, “try anything” attitudes and an energetic commitment to our bottom line (sustainable job creation). Are you ready to dive in?


    The Hammock Apprentice program requires a minimum 3-6 month commitment (although preference will be given to candidates who can commit to a longer period of time.


    All positions will require a 10-20 hour/week schedule. (If you are selected for a position and you are still in school, we will work with your academic schedule and help provide any resources necessary for your program). A majority of time will be spent in our sunny Russian Hill office, although some projects may be done remotely.


    This is an unpaid volunteer program and college credit is offered. A financial stipend may be available. All positions are expected to be based in San Francisco, California.


    NOTE: In Summer 2019, we will be adding a full-time "Swiss Army Knife" role to our team.

    Active apprentices will receive preferential consideration for this full-time/long-term role.

    Please let us know in your application if you are interested in this future position.





    We are assembling an awesome team to tackle exciting projects this summer!


    We encourage you to submit your applications soon - we're moving quickly to fill each of the roles listed below on a rolling basis as we find awesome applicants.


    Applicants from every field of study are welcomed.

    We care more about your energy + results than your transcript.


    This apprenticeship isn’t for you if:
    You can’t meet deadlines or you spend a lot of time procrastinating.
    You need a lot of direction and micro-management.
    You are uncomfortable jumping on the phone with people.
    You don’t like asking strangers for information or trying to quickly find an answer.
    You are not good at following through and following up.
    You are a perfectionist or afraid of failing/messing up.


    This apprenticeship IS for you if:
    You’ve got hustle + you want to push through obstacles.
    You love checking things off your to do list and barreling forward.
    You have excellent time management + organizational skills.
    Constructive criticism helps you grow + improve.
    You aren’t afraid to look silly.
    You are comfortable sharing first drafts.
    You’re friendly, fun and team-oriented.
    You want to help transform impoverished communities + change the face of business.


    We love to see evidence of your ability to figure things out independently, so we'd rather you jump in and dig for answers before e-mailing us... but if you have a burning question, we want to help you out!


    Please direct any questions to: team@yellowleafhammocks.com


    Join the A-Team! Available Positions:

    (feel free to tell us if your qualifications encompass more than one role!)

    • Business Development Apprentice  
    • Community + Operations Apprentice
    •  Content Marketing + Outreach Apprentice 
    •  Graphic Design + Creative Apprentice
    •  "Build Your Own" Apprenticeship (contact us with your proposal)

    NOTE: In Summer 2019, we will be adding a full-time "Swiss Army Knife" role to our team.

    Active apprentices will receive preferential consideration for this full-time/long-term role.

    Please let us know in your application if you are interested in this future position.




    > Researching accounts/sales leads + building contact database.

    > Contacting + charming gatekeepers.

    > Crafting email pitches and messaging.

    > Refining existing CRM + owning database customization strategy (for Next Growth Phase).

    > Building out affiliate program.

    > Existing account/relationship management.

    > Developing sales decks + supporting wholesale collateral (with Design Team)

    > Supporting strategic partnerships.

    > Shifting priorities based on retail buying cycles and tradeshow schedule.


    Key Abilities:


    > Self-Direction + Ability to Prioritize

    > Research + Strategy

    > Strong Business Writing

    > Friendly Phone Personality + Great Follow-Up

    > Nimble + Energetic

    > Must be comfortable cold-calling.


    Proficiencies Preferred:

    Familiarity with MS Office Suite (Especially Excel), CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc), Excellent Inbox Management



    > Engaging + highlighting fans on social media

    > Managing Customer Questions + Support Needs (through Livechat + Social)

    > Building Internal Community (“Customer of the Week” etc.)

    > Help “Custom Hammock” customers through the design + production process

    > Surprise + Delight for our fans + friends - transforming customers into evangelists!

    > Support the flow of order processing through multiple sales channels (including drop-shipments, back-orders, returns, etc)

    > Owning the Rewards Program for Referrals + Frequent Customers


    Key Abilities:


    > Self-Direction + Ability to Prioritize

    > Friendliness + Charm

    > Creative/Social Writing

    > Extreme Organization and a Knack for Creating Order + Systems

    > Ability to deal cheerfully with the occasional grump by phone, e-mail or social media


    Proficiencies Preferred:

    Familiarity with Mainstream Social Media Tools, MS Office Suite (Especially Excel), Typing Speed >40 WPM, Excellent Inbox Management, Graphic Design (Adobe Creative) is a bonus!



    > Contributing to the “Backyard” Blog + Editorial Calendar

    > Ongoing content creation to communicate + spread our brand/impact story

    > Orchestrating weekly promotions/daily social media postings

    > Driving media pitches + blogger relationships.

    > Media monitoring and organizing/highlighting media coverage.

    > Writing SEO Content for website + following e-commerce best practices

    > Launching + growing Ambassador program (Building relationships with fans + influencers)

    > Working with our Hammock Concierge to support “Hammocker of the Week” program.

    > Shared responsibility (with Community Apprentice) for social media conversations.

    > Writing copy for campaigns, sales support, etc.


    Key Abilities:


    > Self-Direction + Ability to Prioritize

    > Excellent Creative/Social Writing Skills

    > Full of fun ideas + the ability to execute on a deadline.

    > Strong Ability to Organize + Present Information on the Page

    > Existing presence + familiarity with breadth of social media networks a huge benefit.


    Proficiencies Preferred:

    Adobe Creative Suite or similar graphic design HIGHLY preferred, Video Editing a Huge Plus, Familiarity with MS Office Suite (Especially Excel) + Keynote.



    > Communicating the brand story + positive impact of Yellow Leaf through visual design (esp. e-commerce and social)

    > Developing visual aspects of blog posts, email marketing, print collateral (postcards, linesheets, etc.), blog + social media posts (ie, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) and other graphics needed to communicate the Yellow Leaf story.

    > Assisting with content creation + calls to action for design pieces

    > Creating, updating and editing lookbooks + catalog for use with wholesale accounts

    > Editing internal photos, graphics and other collateral on an as-needed basis

    > Owning the print production process (quotes, file preparation, communication, etc)


    Key Abilities


    > Self-Direction + Ability to Prioritize

    > Excellent taste + flair for visual design.

    > Strong ability to organize + present information (create a final product that is beautiful AND functional).

    > Ability to work within constraints of Brand Bible + to optimize design across various channels

    > Experience/interest in packaging and/or product design is a huge benefit (but not required)


    * Please share a link to your creative portfolio within your application.


    Proficiencies Preferred:

    Adobe Creative Suite required, DSLR Photography a plus. Familiarity with MS Office Suite (Especially Excel) + Keynote.


    submit your thoughtful answers
    and upload a PDF of your resume
    (no cover letter needed)